Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sam Seder to AAR Mid-morning

Via Atrios, great news about The Majority Report.

Last Friday, I noted that Rachel Maddow announced that her show was moving to the Air America time slot currently occupied by Sam Seder. What, I wondered, would happen to Sam?

[Rachel] did not say anything about the fate of Sam's show or what might replace her program in the morning time slot. I don't know if they are simply working a switch, or what. I hope so.

If not, I can't understand why Air America is treating Sam Seder with such disrespect. They treated Marc Maron in a similarly shabby fashion. It is shameful. Jerry Springer remains on the air, but Marc Maron and Sam Seder are shunted aside? In what universe does that make any sense?
Well, in a Boston Globe profile of Sam, we learn this little nugget of news:

... ``Majority Report" was promoted this week to the midmorning slot -- 9 a.m. to noon -- on more than 70 stations across the country, including New York and Los Angeles. (Inexplicably, Air America's Boston affiliate broadcasts the show from 1-4 a.m.)
Nine A.M. to noon, ET is Jerry Springer's time slot. Good for you, Air America. I'll reserve final judgment pending an official announcement from the network, but this is welcome news, indeed.