Wednesday, February 16, 2005

More Big, Funny HA HAs

Well, humor is just breaking out all over.

The Onion takes on Teach for America, a subject close to my heart. Well, just up the block from my heart.

"I knew that teaching in a severely under-funded inner-city school would be challenging, but I wanted to get out into the real world," Cuellen said. "Well, breaking up fistfights between 8-year-olds all day long, I got a real ugly view of reality. Do you want to know reality? Look at a dog lying dead in the gutter. That's reality."

Hm. That doesn't read so funny out of context, does it? Well, trust me, it's a hoot.

I actually became good friends with some TFA teachers about fifteen years ago. They were some of the loveliest women I have known. They survived the experience with their idealism intact. One of them is still a teacher, even! She's at an inner-city school in Chicago endowed by Oprah. Anyhoo...