Wednesday, February 16, 2005

PBS Prez Packing

Public Broadcasting System president Pat Mitchell has announced she will step down next year. Mitchell has endured withering criticism from the public broadcasting community over her decision to pull from the network a children's educational program featuring a same-sex couple.

The story in today's New York Post implies a connection between Mitchell's resignation and the controversy over the "Sugartime" episode of Postcards From Buster.

President Pat Mitchell has announced she will step down next year in the wake of a battle over a children's program featuring lesbian parents.

Mitchell insists she had already made a decision not to air the program prior to receiving a critical letter from U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings.

An item in The Current, an industry trade magazine published by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, mentions the "Buster" controversy, but fronts the fact that Mitchell's contract expires in 2006.

Despite (or, perhaps, because of) the criticism of the "Sugartime" episode and the decision by PBS not to air the program nationally, several PBS outlets around the country have announced plans to carry the show.