Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A River in Egypt

The remarks of Rep. Robin Hayes (R-NC) became the most sensational material from this NY Observer article filed from a pair of McCain rallies in North Carolina and Florida. But to me, the most notable quotes are from what reporter Jason Horowitz describes as the "irreducible core" of the GOP base.

Every time a George W. Bush hits a new low in some poll, I always react the same way: Twenty-three percent of Americans think Bush is doing a good job? Who ARE these people?

Well, now I know. They are people who are literally incapable of absorbing information that conflicts with their worldview. The perfect illustration of this phenomenon is in their conviction that Obama cannot possibly be ahead of McCain in the polls - no matter what the polls say.

“I don’t believe these polls,” said America Blanca, a 44-year-old small business owner from Miami who wore a red dress and was visibly pumped up by the rally. “Not one of them. Because it’s the kids answering the polls on the computers. Their parents are not home and they are answering and they will not be voting. I think if he is losing, it is only by a little spread. Very little.” She held the tip of her pointer finger about two inches from the tip of her thumb.


“The press is just too biased for Obama,” said Lyons, an accountant from nearby South Hollywood. “They are dead set about getting Obama in the White House any way they can and so they have made up these polls. The only way John McCain loses this election is that we lose our faith.”


[Roland McCain} said that where he lived, in Broward County, “the only cars that I see with Obama signs on them are—you’re going to think this is racist—but black people’s cars. There are no Obama signs anywhere. Much less than all the Gore signs in 2000. And he lost Broward County.” Asked why the polling in Florida seemed so lackluster for McCain, he said, “They never polled me!”
So sad. So sad.

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