Saturday, July 19, 2008

White House seems to acknowledge al-Maliki backs Obama's withdrawal plan

This is priceless.

The White House this afternoon accidentally sent to its extensive distribution list a Reuters story headlined "Iraqi PM backs Obama troop exit plan - magazine."


The White House employee had intended to send the article to an internal distribution list, ABC News' Martha Raddatz reports, but hit the wrong button.

The misfire comes at an odd time for Bush foreign policy, at a time when Obama's campaign alleges the president is moving closer toward Obama's recommendations about international relations -- sending more U.S. troops to Afghanistan, discussing a "general time horizon" for U.S. troop withdrawal and launching talks with Iran.
I wonder if the administration will still try to insist that Maliki was misquoted when he said he wants the U.S. occupation of his country to end - because that is becoming a much harder sell.

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