Friday, July 18, 2008

Gramm resigns from McCain campaign

We won't have Phil Gramm to whine about anymore.

The architect of the Bush recession has stepped down as national co-chair of John McCain's presidential campaign.

Mr. Gramm issued a statement late Friday evening:

    It is clear to me that Democrats want to attack me rather than debate Senator McCain on important economic issues facing the country. That kind of distraction hurts not only Senator McCain’s ability to present concrete programs to deal with the country’s problems, it hurts the country. To end this distraction and get on with the real debate, I hereby step down as Co-Chair of the McCain Campaign and join the growing number of rank-and-file McCain supporters.
Ah, the Friday evening news dump - a favorite among Republicans. Slipping the bad news through just in time for the dead-zone Saturday news cycle. Old news by Sunday. History by Monday.

I just can't get enough of that straight talk, Sen. McCain. More, please.

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