Tuesday, July 08, 2008

NYT challenges the 'flip-flop' narrative on Obama's Iraq strategy

The Times rejects the McCain campaign's spin in favor of the facts:

At which point he returned to Iraq, an issue where he has wavered very little from the stance he took many months ago. He favors a phased-in 16-month withdrawal. The McCain campaign has labored hard to suggest that he is inconsistent on this issue.

“We have to be as careful getting out as we were careless getting in,” Obama said. “You’ve got to be sure our troops are safe, you have to be sure the country doesn’t collapse.”

“When I hear John McCain saying we can’t surrender, we can’t wave the white flag,” Obama said, “no one is talking about surrender.”

But, he added to loud applause, “don’t be confused: I will bring the Iraq war to a close when I am president of the United States of America.”
Journalism. Imagine that.

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