Wednesday, June 11, 2008

NBC News/WSJ Poll: Women still thinking for themselves

First Rasmussen, then Gallup, now the NBC News/Wall St. Journal poll finds that women support Barack Obama for president over John McCain.

Among all women, Sen. Obama has a big advantage: 52% to 33% over Sen. McCain.
Suburban white women, however, favor McCain by six points, 44% to 38%.

In other demographic news, Obama is slaughtering McCain among Hispanic voters.

By 62% to 28%, Hispanic voters support Sen. Obama. "That does not bode well for Republicans" in the Southwest, the Republican pollster added, in swing states such as Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado, where Hispanic voters are numerous enough to tip the result. Sen. McCain, who comes from a state with a large Hispanic population and has favored liberalizing policies toward illegal immigrants, has hopes of matching Mr. Bush's record of winning more than 40% of Hispanic voters.

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