Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mugabe stripped of British knighthood

It was an honorary title.

The move by Queen Elizabeth II was one of several steps Britain — the former colonial ruler of Zimbabwe — has taken to pressure Mugabe to cancel this weekend's run-off election and halt violence against his opponents. Other rebukes include a push for new European Union sanctions, banning Zimbabwe's cricket team from touring Britain, and warning Britons not to travel in the country.

The queen's decision came as she joined a London celebration marking the 90th birthday of former South African president Nelson Mandela. In his first public remarks about Zimbabwe's turmoil, Mandela said there is a "tragic failure of leadership" in the south African nation.
It won't make any difference, obviously, but it is a worthy gesture.

But what took so long?

Mugabe ascended to power in 1980. The violent suppression of political dissent began almost immediately.

In what way, exactly, was Robert Mugabe ever considered worthy of honor?

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