Monday, May 05, 2008

Randi Rhodes on XM

I flipped over to XM Channel 167 to hear Marc Maron, who I thought was guest hosting American Afternoon on Air America today (it's actually Sam Seder), and was surprised to hear Randi Rhodes.

It seems that Nova M, Randi's new network, has worked it out with XM to put her back on in her old time slot. Welcome back, Randi!

I'll just have to download the podcasts this week to hear Marc and Sam.

I hope the AAR execs get smart and give American Afternoon over to Sam. Or Marc. Or both. Otherwise, I just won't be able to listen to that show. I can't take any more of Joy Behar, Roseanne or Richard Belzer. Keep those wannabes off the air and put the pros back on, guys.

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