Thursday, April 24, 2008

Obama to visit Fox 'News'

He will sit down for a chat with Chris Wallace on Fox "News" Sunday.

The Obama camp has more or less shut out Fox ever since they ran with the fake story about him supposedly being educated in a madrassah, so this is a big break from the standard practice. Even before that, Obama didn't have much time for Fox -- by the channel's count, the time between his last sit-down interview with them and this upcoming one will have been 772 days.
At first, you might wonder why Obama is walking willingly into that den of snakes.

But then, consider the assaults he has been been beating back from the so-called reputable media for the past several weeks. Short of flinging feces at Obama, how could Wallace's interviewing techniques be more offensive than that travesty of a debate on ABC?

At least with Fox "News," you know what to expect, and you might be pleasantly surprised by at least a few substantive questions after Wallace gets the Wright/Ayers/Flag Pin crap out of the way.

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