Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Melanie Morgan gets canned, WATBs demand corporate accountability

Oh, no! The corporate layoff culture strikes home in Hate Radio land!

Melanie Morgan — the conservative radio talk show host who chairs Move America Forward, the group which has led efforts to shame and boycott Berkeley for its anti-U.S. Marine Corps recruiting stand — has lost her job at KSFO 560 AM.

Morgan, 51, delivered her final broadcast there today after 14 years at the microphone, she says in a news release. KSFO owner Citadel Broadcasting decided not to renew her contract as part of the company’s announced across-the-board financial cost cutting.
Right-wing WATB blogger Brian Maloney (As Seen on Fox "News"!) is outraged, and calls for the firing of Citadel Broadcasting's CEO.

As another wave of destructive layoffs hit Citadel- ABC Radio today, the man responsible for his company's spectacular collapse still refuses to take responsibility for the extraordinary damage he has done to the nation's largest and most successful talk radio stations.


Especially shocking: highly- rated KSFO morning host Melanie Morgan was among those let go. Co- host Lee Rodgers, who had already cut his schedule to just four shows per week, will now be expected to carry on alone. This has sent shockwaves through Bay Area media circles, where even longtime entertainment reporter Brad Kava, a leftist, has expressed his alarm.


There are bad managers and there is Farid Suleman, in a league of his own. We can either keep him fat and happy in his Greenwich estate or save this popular and productive medium from a complete wipeout.
Fat and happy in his Greenwhich estate! Oh, my! What union shop steward could say it better?

Next thing you know, The Radio Equalizer will be railing against golden parachutes, stock options, and corporate jets!

These are the fruits of your labors, conservatives. You have created a corporate culture free of accountability. Only when it begins to affect you and yours, do you take notice of the the anxieties that millions of American workers live with every day.

Did you think you could hide from it forever?