Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More on the Obama/Teleprompter nonsense

Writing on his Political Punch blog, Jake Tapper of ABC News links admiringly to that ridiculous Weekly Standard article criticizing Barack Obama for using a Teleprompter during major speeches.

Tapper enthuses:

The Weekly Standard has a fascinating story by Dean Barnett that I haven't seen anywhere else.
There's a reason for that, Jake.

Nobody else was stupid enough to write it.

Everybody who has access to one uses a Teleprompter for major speeches. That's why there are Teleprompters. If there wasn't a market for them, the company that makes them wouldn't be able to sell them.

Barnett might as well have criticized Obama for wearing shoes outside during the winter.

Have you noticed that Barack Obama walks more smoothly through the snow and ice when he's wearing shoes than when he is barefoot? And did you know that the presidential election takes place in November, when many states have snow on the ground? This raises serious questions about his ability to campaign in late autumn.

Is there no limit to how ridiculous these people are willing to be?