Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Democrats who believe in the rule of law will have to work to get rid of many, many Bush Dog Dems to prevent sorry spectacles such as this:

The Senate approved espionage legislation Tuesday that would expand the government's authority to intercept international phone calls and e-mails and to block lawsuits against U.S. telecommunications companies that aided in past spying efforts.


Despite Senate passage, the fate of the legislation remains uncertain. The Senate bill has to be reconciled with competing legislation that passed in the House. Democrats in that chamber have opposed shielding the phone companies from liability for taking part in what some members have called an illegal spying operation.


But there were signs that other Democrats were prepared to endorse the Senate approach and avoid further debate on a national security issue that many say plays to the political strengths of the White House and Republicans.

Reluctant to be portrayed as depriving the government of a key tool in the war on terrorism, 21 members of a bloc of moderate House Democrats signed a letter endorsing the Senate approach. Senior Democratic aides said those defections suggested there might be enough support in the House to pass the Senate bill.
These people still haven't figured out that having Bush call you weak does not make you look weak. Being weak makes you look weak.

And there is no amount of capitulation that will keep the GOP from labelling them as "soft on terror" at election time. I don't know why they keep having to learn this lesson over and over and over again.