Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hulk smash iPhone!

Early adopters of the iPhone were very upset when Apple dropped the price this week by $200.00.

One visitor to Macworld's iPhone Central Web site wrote: "I wouldn't feel so bad if it was a modest drop in price. But $200 on a $499 product is obscene. Apple clearly grossly overpriced its product."
But then, after Steve Jobs announced a $100.00 credit, they started to get over it.

By late yesterday, some iPhone users reported being back in a happy place.

Josh Gibson, a Mac fan in South Carolina, complained early yesterday that Apple should at least offer early iPhone customers $200 to spend at Apple's iTunes store. Later, Gibson e-mailed again, apparently mollified by Jobs's move.

"Steve meets me halfway on whatever I ask for," he wrote.


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