Friday, December 08, 2006

Sam Brownback - Man of Principle

Presidential hopeful Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS) shares with the Associated Press the dynamic that he believes should be driving America's Iraq policy: domestic politics.

"I'm saying, and I hope the Iraqi leadership is hearing it: We will not face the American public in 2008 with a situation that looks anything similar to where we are today ... American deployment of troops on the front line conducting the military operations," Brownback said.

Congress also should resist the impulse to stymie Iraqi efforts to grant insurgents amnesty if such proposals are "a significant part" of a political solution aimed at ending the nearly four-year-old conflict, said the senator.
Oh yeah, and he also thinks we need more family values.

So, for those keeping track, Sen. Brownback, darling of the conservative movement, hates gays and abortion, but has no real problem with granting blanket amnesty to insurgents who killed Americans in Iraq, just as long as the occupation isn't allowed hurt the GOP in 2008.

Go, Sam... it's your birthday... go, Sam... it's your birthday...