Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Put Marc Maron back on the air NOW

I just finished listening to the December 1, 2006 podcast of the Sam Seder Show with guest host Marc Maron. It is a travesty that this man does not have a regular radio outlet.

I was one of the relative few apparent devotees of the Marc Maron Show, which Air America cancelled after a too-short syndication run from L.A. I subscribed to AAR Premium after the cancellation of Morning Sedition precisely because of the Marc Maron Show. I thought that the syndicated program, which freed Marc and Jim Earl of the Morning Sedition structure, was an absolute gem. Maron and Mark Riley were never a great fit. Earl, as for-all-intents-and-purposes cohost, was a much better complement to Maron's comedic style, in addition to being a genuine comic talent himself. If one of his poetry readings came on while I was on the treadmill, I would have to pause it or risk flying off during a fit of hysterical laughter.

Marc and Jim slid right back into their rhythm for the guest gig on Seder. They are too good not to be on the radio every day.

If anybody reading this is an AAR executive, the spouse or significant other of an AAR executive, or the blood relative of an AAR executive, hear my plea: put Marc Maron and Jim Earl back on the air. Just do it. You can live without Politically Direct and Eco Talk. Put Marc and Jim on from 8 - 10, EST. Pay them a lot of money. Let them broadcast from L.A. They are brilliant radio comedians, and they are too good not to be on your air. Do the right thing for yourselves, for Maron and Earl, and for your audience.

Put Marc Maron back on the air. Now.


mia_nj said...

I SECOND YOUR COMMENTS! Maron & Jim were like a breath of fresh air -- I miss Morning Sedition and Maron's show from LA was the reason I WAS (emphasis on past tense) an AAR premium subscriber, just so I could listen to his podcast on the east coast.

David said...

Agreed and the motion should be carried - simply put, Maron was the best thing on AAR.