Friday, March 18, 2005

Choosing Sides - Bush Supports DeLay

As the House ethics scandal swirls around Tom DeLay, Bush goes on the record with ">unqualified support for the House Majority Leader.

"I have confidence in Tom DeLay's leadership and I have confidence in Tom DeLay," Mr. Bush said at a news conference at the White House that touched on domestic issues like increasing gasoline prices and overhauling Social Security.

"We've worked closely with Tom DeLay and the leaders in the House to get a lot done during the last four years," Mr. Bush said. "And I'm looking forward to working with him to get a lot done during the next four years."

The support for Mr. DeLay, a Republican from Sugar Land, is crucial for his political survival as House Republicans nervously watch how he handles the scrutiny of his legal troubles.
Let this never, ever be forgotten. Are you listening, Democrats? Do you understand? Never. Ever.

The President of the United States has bestowed upon Tom DeLay the gift of unconditional political and moral validation. He has marked himself indelibly with with the stain of DeLay's legal and ethical troubles.

Meanwhile, the hits just keep on coming:

Tom DeLay Denies Ethical Lapse in Trips

DeLay's ARMPAC linked to Texas group

Lobbyist clients say they funded trips for DeLay

House member may face DeLay probe conflict

And, much, much more!

This is a gift that will keep on giving as long as Democrats know how to use it.

Thank you, Mr. President.