Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Pawlenty gets his licks in

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty isn't as forgiving as Bill O'Reilly, apparently.

The right-wing talker let Mike Huckabee off the hook for the alleged crimes of a man Huckabee granted clemency. Pawlenty wants GOP primary voters to know he would nevah do such a thing.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty became the first likely GOP presidential candidate to criticize Mike Huckabee's pardon of a suspected killer during his time as Arkansas's governor.

Pawlenty said that he would not have granted clemency to Maurice Clemmons, who was suspected of fatally shooting four police officers in Washington state on Sunday before being shot and killed by police in Seattle Tuesday morning.

Asked by conservative radio host Laura Ingraham if he would have granted clemency under the same circumstances, Pawlenty replied, "No. On those facts, no, Laura, I would not."
Even Sarah Palin has shown more restraint. So far.