Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cop tasers handcuffed man

The suspect complies with what the cops tell him, even though they have to say it several times.

When they tell him to put his hands behind his back or he'll "get tased," he does so. It sounds like he says, "you'll tase me anyway." It's interesting that people are beginning to have that expectation when they see a cop with one of those electric torture devices in his hand.

Then, several cops grab him as one says "relax your arms, sir." The man yells, "I am [deleted] relaxed!" It's hard to see what happens next because the cops are between the suspect and the camera, but the man ends up standing by himself. He is standing there, not moving, when one officer shoots him with the taser.

Is this the purpose of these things? Forcing people into submission so cops simply don't have to bother with the hands-on work of policing? I thought it was to avoid having to use a firearm in a life-or-death situation. Are we to believe that if the cops didn't have tasers, they would have shot this handcuffed suspect to death in that situation?

The AP blurb says the cop with the taser was suspended for two weeks.