Monday, September 28, 2009

Is conservative blogger Dan Riehl a child pornographer?

Now, before you start going all whack-a-doodle on me, keep in mind I'm not saying that conservative blogger Dan Riehl is a child pornographer. I'm just wondering.

As you know, a lot of child pornographers spend a lot of time on the Internet. I have no first-hand knowledge of Dan Riehl's Internet habits, but based on the fact that he blogs, it certainly seems that he spends time on the Internet. A coincidence? Maybe. But, maybe not.

And then there is a recent post from Dan Riehl which wonders if maybe murdered census worker Bill Sparkman was a child predator.

Riehl writes:

Why strip someone down to their socks only to kill them? Finally Sparkman's bio and work history suggests at the least he was not just your average guy. No teaching degree, no full-time means of employment and no wife or kids so far as I am aware. But he certainly did gravitate towards children. I can't help but wonder if this wasn't a revenge killing disguised to look like something else. If he did have issues in this regard and messed with the wrong kid, it isn't as if something like that can be ruled out until we know more.
Now, I am sure that a lot of people have a lot of different ideas about why Bill Sparkman was murdered. But it seems odd that with no evidence to suggest it, the first thing that popped into Dan Riehl's mind was, "child predator."

It would be irresponsible not to wonder if Riehl thought this because he has his own dangerous thoughts about children, such as taking naked pictures of them and putting them on the Internet. As we have already established, Dan Riehl does seem to spend a lot of time online, and so do a lot of child pornographers.

Again, I'm not saying that Dan Riehl is a child pornographer.

But until we know more, we can't rule it out.


betmo said...

just a wild guess, i have no facts to prove it other than a large percentage of republican men seem to be obsessed with sex, but i think it's because he's obsessed with sex.

Anonymous said...

The real question should be is Dan Riehl a Child Predator?