Friday, September 04, 2009

The communists actually overthrew and then murdered the Czar

So, no, "czar" is not a "Russkie commie" term.

I was at a Blanche Lincoln town hall meeting in Russellville, Arkansas, yesterday--and the number of people who believe that the President has larded the government with communists (!) was astonishing. One woman said there were four known communists in the government and that she'd researched it on the internet. When I asked her afterwards, she said environmental adviser Van Jones, legal advisor Cass Sunstein (who was last spotted being excoriated by the left for supporting the FISA revisions), someone named Lloyd and she didn't remember the fourth. And wasn't it suspicious that Obama had all these czars working for him--that was a Russkie commie term, wasn't it? When I asked, the woman admitted that, among other things, she occasionally listened to William Bennett's conservative radio show. I pointed out that Bennett had once been the Drug Czar, appointed by Ronald Reagan. Life sure can be complicated sometimes.
I am shocked, as I know you are, that a teabagger would get her facts wrong on such a basic point of Russian history.

This is the kind of abject stupidity controlling the political discourse in this country.

President Obama and the Democratic Party should hang their heads in shame for having surrendered so much to this drooling, knuckle-walking tribe of know-nothings.