Monday, August 03, 2009

Truce? What truce?

Keith Olbermann is back from vacation and is calling the New York Times, Fox "News", and several  sources within General Electric liars.

A highly-publicized front-page story in the New York Times on Saturday reported that Keith O had laid off the merciless teasing of his arch nemesis Bill O'Reilly at the instruction of the corporate suits at G.E.  NYT reporter Brian Stelter did stipulate that Olbermann told him by e-mail that he was "party to no deal," but Stelter reported nonetheless that pressure from higher ups had caused the host of Countdown to leave Bill-O alone.  The motivation was, according to Stelter, O'Reilly's retaliatory reporting on G.E.'s business dealings in Iran.

O'Reilly's reports were said to be so alarming to G.E. that the executive suits worked out a deal with the House of Murdoch wherein in Olbermann would stop teasing O'Reilly and Fox "News" would back off G.E.

Several critics, Glenn Greenwald notably, savaged the Fox/MSNBC truce as an unacceptable intrusion of corporate interests in the integrity of the newsroom.  And if there were such a truce, the critics would be, of course, absolutely correct.

But in his Worst Person in the World segment Monday night, Olbermann said that there is not, and never was, any deal to end the war between himself and O'Reilly.

And for emphasis, he devoted the entire segment to the truce story, targeting specifically Brian Stelter, Rupert Murdoch, and none other than Bill-O The Clown.

Not only does Olbermann say he was never a party to such a deal, but that his bosses never asked him to be.

"Really surprised by the Olbermann denial -- there's lots and lots of evidence that the NYT's description about what GE did is 100% accurate."

I suspect that the last word on this story has not been written.