Friday, June 26, 2009

Sanford compares himself to King David

Mark Sanford says David (the one in the Bible) didn't resign after his own sex scandal, so why should he?

What Sanford is missing is that his sexual behavior is not driving the calls for his resignation.

He has lost all credibility as governor due to his willigness to abandon his responsibilities in order to pursue his affair. He left the country for a week, cut off all communication with his staff and family, and failed to delegate executive authority. He left his state without leadership in order to pursue a romantic relationship. That, not the affair in and of itself, is the context in which Sanford's critics are questioning his fitness to serve as governor.

Considering the shameful spectacle he has made of himself, the self-serving arrogance Sanford displays in this clip is simply breathtaking.


LeftLeaningLady said...

Preach on. Why can't people understand that some us don'
But don't use tax dollars to pay for their rendevouz. And don't leave the state with no leadership.

Of course, with this guy, how much leadership is their when he is in the driver's seat?