Monday, June 15, 2009

Prominent South Carolina Republican says Michelle Obama related to gorilla

The racist id of the Republican Party isn't making much effort to hide itself these days.

The latest example: Rusty DePass, a former Richland County, S.C. GOP chair, who remarked on his Facebook page that First Lady Michelle Obama was likely related to a gorilla that had escaped from a zoo in Columbia.

He wrote, "I'm sure it's just one of Michelle's ancestors - probably harmless."

Upon the exposure of this racist buffoon's remark, said racist buffoon offered a non-apology and proceeded to suggest that Mrs. Obama had, somehow, brought the insult on herself.

Busted by South Carolina political blogger Will Folks on his FITNEWS blog, DePass told WIS-TV in Columbia, "I am as sorry as I can be if I offended anyone. The comment was clearly in jest."

Then he added, "The comment was hers, not mine," claiming Michelle Obama made a recent remark about humans descending from apes. The Daily News could find no such comment.


Eric Davis, the current chairman of the Richland County Republicans, said his predecessor should get a pass. "Everyone says stupid things they regret later. I think the world should move on," he said.
Yes, that's exactly the right note to strike, Mr. Davis. Move along, nuthin' ta see heah but a good ol' boy comparing the First Lady of the United States to a lower primate.

You know what's really sad? I doubt that this Eric Davis is being disingenous. I suspect that he genuinely cannot comprehend why anybody would be find anything offensive about what DePass wrote.

Your Republican Party folks, in the Year of Our Lord 2009.

How's that minority outreach going, GOP?