Monday, June 08, 2009

Boycotting GM - Conservatives want more Americans to lose their jobs

It's nothing personal, Boss Limbaugh assures them.

It's just politics.

Anyway, the point is, be it General Motors, be it Chrysler -- whatever else Obama ends up controlling and running -- the American people are not going to want it to succeed. So I want all of you who work at General Motors and all of you who are members of labor unions to understand that the opposition to you is not because of you.

It's because of opposition to Obama and turning America upside down and 180 degrees out of phase from what America is.
These right-wing nutcases are so dedicated to the idea of seeing Obama fail that they are willing to put people out of work, even as the president does everything he can to keep as many of them as possible from losing their jobs.

This is actually Limbaugh's idea of patriotism. This is his idea of loyal opposition - forcing even more Americans out of work during the worst economic recession since the 1930s.

This is the conservative movement, folks. This the philosophical and political engine of the Republican Party. They have nothing - absolutely nothing - positive to contribute to our national discourse. They have nothing but fears, smears, and destruction, all in the hope that they can rebuild a national party from the smoking ruins.

Are you on board with this? Yes, you. I'm talking to you. Do you support the Destruction Agenda of the Republican Party?

You can support Rush Limbaugh or you can support your country. You cannot have it both ways.

It's time to choose.

[h/t TPM]