Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Republicans to accuse Obama of working to solve the country's problems

The Party of No really seems to think it's onto something with its strategy of accusing the president of working too hard to solve America's problems.

The chief spokesperson for GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell just said in an interview that leading Republicans are going to ratchet up their criticism of the Obama administration for releasing too many big plans on the economy — with too little sense of how they mesh with or impact each other.

The comments from McConnell spokesperson Don Stewart amount to a preview of what we’ll likely be hearing from Senate Republicans and other Republican leaders in the days ahead.

“We can’t help but notice the numerous and sundry plans that seem to come out at a rate of one a week without any clear picture of how they interact and whether they interact well or not,” Stewart told me. “That’s a very real concern among Senate Republicans.”
Not only are they unwilling (or unable) to offer any plans of their own, they are actually trying to demonize Obama for working to improve Americans lives.

I admit that I have never understood how Republicans think, but this is just jaw-dropping.

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