Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Blue Dogs getting no love from Boehner

It's sad, really.

Evan Bayh and the Blue Dog conservadems, so eager to curry favor with their Republican soulmates, might want to pause for a moment and think about who their real friends are.

Hint: it ain't the GOP.

Boehner slammed the fiscally conservative House Blue Dog coalition in an appearance this morning at a seminar sponsored by Yale Club and Federal Policy Group, just one day after he suggested to reporters that GOP leaders had not reached out to the conservative Democrat coalition.

To chuckles from the assembled lobbyists, Boehner called the Blue Dogs “lap dogs” and said they refuse “to get off people’s laps and actually do something.”

“They’re not the force they used to be in terms of moving the Democrats to do something,” Boehner argued.
Lap dogs.


That's gotta sting.

There ya go, Evan. How do you like your right-wing buddies now? Still feeling all moderate and stuff?

Or, do you think this might be a good time to remember that you're, you know, a Democrat?

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