Monday, February 09, 2009


CBS's Chip Reid wants to know if the failure of a single House Republican to support the stimulus bill means Obama has failed at bipartisanship.

Is it too much to ask that network news reporters not be idiots?


What rational human being could observe the events of the past two weeks and conclude that Obama has not met those GOP thugs more than halfway on this thing?

It is impossible to reach consensus with people who are executing a deliberate strategy of obstructionism. It is impossible to reason with people who are ideologically committed to the failed policies that brought the American economy to the brink of destruction.

And it is impossible to take seriously a network White House correspondent whose questions come directly from the latest RNC talking points e-mail.

To his credit, Obama responded forcefully that he is not the one standing in the way of "bipartisanship." And he is drawing clear distinctions between his plan and the desires of the Republicans who "philosophically" are opposed to government intervening in the marketplace to help end the recession.

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