Monday, January 05, 2009

Laura Bush's Memoir

Don't you generally have to have done something before you can write a memoir that anybody would need to read?

First lady Laura Bush has sealed a deal with Scribner to publish her memoir.

The publishing house said in a statement Monday that the book will provide an intimate account of the first lady's eight years in the White House, and will reveal her recollections of personal and historical moments.
As it stands, La La's life could be summed up in a couple of blog posts.

She was born, killed some guy, was a librarian for about fifteen minutes, got married, had twins, lived in the Texas governor's mansion, lived in the White House, spent summers in Crawford, and bought a house in Dallas.

What the heck else is there to say? The most interesting thing about her life story, the time she killed that guy, probably won't get too many column inches. How is she going to fill up a book with the rest of it? I'm guessing it'll contain lots of pictures, white space, and 50-point type.

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