Monday, December 22, 2008

Windows XP Lives

Microsoft has extended once again the licensing window for its Windows XP operating system.

In order to force the widespread adoption of its reviled Vista OS, the company had set an intial cutoff date of January 30, 2008 for PC manufacturers to purchase XP licenses. Then, the window was extended to January 31, 2009.

Now, Microsoft says PC makers can purchase XP licenses through May 30, 2009.

Microsoft granted the reprieve largely because of customer's preference for XP.

Many PC makers also got around the restrictions by exploiting a clause in Microsoft's licensing terms that allowed them to offer a "downgrade" licence. Issued with a new PC running Vista it allowed customers to replace it with XP.

The latest reprieve affects PC makers and resellers who were working to a 31 January 2009 deadline to order licences for XP.

Many feared they would have to stockpile licences before the cut-off and hope they could sell them in the coming months.

Now, Microsoft has changed the terms allowing the resellers to order before 31 January but take delivery at any time up to 30 May.

The change in policy is another indication of the general resistance to Windows Vista.
With early versions of the Windows 7 OS possible in late 2009, this latest reprieve for XP could be a sign that Microsoft has accepted the failure of Vista.

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