Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pretty - or something - in Mink

The first time I read about "Pretty in Mink," I thought it was a joke.

I mean, prominent (more or less - I hadn't heard of most of them) conservative women posing in fur coats? Who would imagine such a thing?

Never mind about the "in Mink" part. Like TBogg, I'm having a little trouble getting past the "pretty."

Honestly, I'm not offended by the use of fur so much as the sheer crapitude of the make-up artistry and photography. Don't even get me started on the poses. I realize you have to photograph the conservative women you have, not the conservative women you wish you had, but Sweet f/Stop Jesus, these are just awful. They could have improved the quality and saved some money by having the make-up done for free at a MAC store and then wandered down the mall to a Glamour Shots. Worst of all is realizing that these were the best of the best.
I can't wait for next year's portfolio: "Hotties in Hummers."

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