Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Long and Deep

Rahm Emanuel, Obama's chief of staff, says the incoming administration plans to enact a progressive version of the Shock Doctrine, taking advantage of a crisis to enact bold, systemic change in the economy.

Mr. Emanuel promised that a major economic stimulus would be "the first order of business" for Mr. Obama when he takes office Jan. 20. The focus of spending will be on infrastructure, specifically "green infrastructure," which he said would include mass transit, upgraded electricity transmission lines, "smart" electrical meters that allow consumers to save money by using electricity at off-peak hours, and universal broadband Internet access, which he said would encourage telecommuting.

He stressed that the new administration would "throw long and deep," taking advantage of the economic crisis to push wholesale changes in health care, taxes, financial re-regulation and energy. "The American people in two successive elections have voted for change, and change cannot be allowed to die on the doorsteps of Washington," Mr. Emanuel said.


Mr. Emanuel will serve as a bridge between the White House and Congress -- and a tough-minded enforcer of Democratic discipline. He let House Democrats know he would have the same expectations of them from the White House as he did when he helped keep errant Democrats behind the House leadership.

"I want you to know, I've got your back," he told them. "I'll feel better knowing that you you've got my back."
It sounds like he's putting the Blue Dogs on notice that if they try to get in Obama's, they will get run over.

Hear, hear!

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