Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Getting a handle on the problem

Via Digby, I see that the GOP is well on its way to figuring out what it has to do to start winning national elections again.

An unnamed Republican U.S. senator acknowledges that, among other things, his party has lost significant ground with Hispanic voters, a problem it will have to address in order to be viable the future.

[R]epublicans are very, very worried about the Hispanic vote. They see the African-American vote as largely gone, but the Hispanic vote was a possibility in future elections. If only Republicans knew how to appeal to Hispanic voters.

“We have to become much more attuned to the rhetoric and issues that Hispanics care about,” the senator says. “We have to talk about education, family, and moral issues like gay marriage and abortion.”
Yes, because if anything has defined the GOP, it has been the party's conspicuous silence on gay marriage and abortion.

They should get some people on that right away.

And if they're smart, they won't allow themselves get distracted by such non-issues as income equality, health care, and immmigration reform. I hear that Hispanic voters really hate that stuff.

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