Friday, October 24, 2008

She made it up

The woman who claimed a large black man cut a "B" into her face because of her McCain bumper sticker admits now that she made the whole thing up.

Police sources tell KDKA that a campaign worker has now confessed to making up a story that a mugger attacked her and cut the letter "B" in her face after seeing her McCain bumper sticker.

Ashley Todd, 20, of Texas, initially told police that she was robbed at an ATM in Bloomfield and that the suspect became enraged and started beating her after seeing her GOP sticker on her car.

Police investigating the alleged attack, however, began to notice some inconsistencies in her story and administered a polygraph test.

Authorities, however, declined to release the results of that test.

Investigators did say that they received photos from the ATM machine and "the photographs were verified as not being the victim making the transaction."

This afternoon, a Pittsburgh police commander told KDKA Investigator Marty Griffin that Todd confessed to making up the story.
Police say Ms. Todd faces unspecified charges. One hopes that psychological counseling will be available at some point in the process.

As bad as this is for Ashley Todd, however, it is even worse for John McCain.

"Why is that?" You ask.

Because in a blog post on his network's website, John Moody, executive vice president of Fox "News," declared that if the allegations were true, it would give voters legitimate cause to rethink support for Barack Obama. Because, I suppose, if one black man hurts a white woman, all black men are guilty of hurting her, as well.

BUT if the charges turned out to be false... well, I'll let Mr. Moody explain.

If the incident turns out to be a hoax, Senator McCain’s quest for the presidency is over, forever linked to race-baiting.
I am sure that we can expect this harsh new reality to start influencing the tone and tenor of Fox's news and opinion content. I am especially eager to hear Sean Hannity start referring to the McCain campaign in the past tense.

Tough week, John McCain. Tough week.

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