Friday, October 17, 2008

Eating Their Own

Rush Limbaugh savages the political commentators on - wait for it - Fox "News" for failing to pretend that McCain beat Obama in the third debate.

It has come to this.

It is not as though Limbaugh has any great love for McCain. But he is so focused on winning for the sake of winning that he cannot tolerate even the mildest deviation from the party line.

Commentators such as Charles Krauthammer, who has written devastating critiques of Obama, said on Fox News that Obama won the encounter with a poised and mistake-free performance. Fox anchor Brit Hume said some of McCain’s mannerisms were “peculiar.”
Yeah, that's brutal stuff. You would have to be Karl Marx to think that McCain's mannerisms were "peculiar" on Wednesday.

And what's up with Krauthammer acknowledging that Obama was "poised"? Next thing you know, he will be peforming partial-birth abortions on College Republican women while Osama bin Laden reads to them from the Koran!

I think my favorite part is when Limbaugh concludes that the multi-millionaire celebrity pundits on Fox have "become elites" due to their willingness to acknowledge that Obama performed well in the third presidential debate. Yeah, because prior to that, they were shopping for discounted breakfast cereal at Wal-Mart.

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