Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Dick Morris: non-friendship with Ayers same as close friendship with bin Laden

This is what complete moral degradation and intellectual bankruptcy look like.

The right wing has abandoned any pretense of making a positive case for John McCain, and are content to spend the last month of the presidential campaign shrieking "terrorist" at Barack Obama.

Watch Dick Morris and Sean Hannity embarrass themselves by pretending that Barack Obama's lack of a relationship with Bill Ayers is “the equivalent of having a close relationship with Osama bin Laden.”

What a pathetic spectacle.

It is laughable to hear Hannity declare the urgency of "reminding" his audience about Bill Ayers as if they haven't been hearing about it non-stop for months and will not continue to hear about it every day between now and the election.

And as for Dick Morris... well, I'll just defer to Glenn Greenwald:

That Dick Morris is a buffoon is hardly news, but he was one of Bill Clinton's closest advisers and, for people who watch Fox News and read The New York Post, he's considered to be one of America's foremost political analysts. A potent reflection of our predominant political culture is the fact that people like Dick Morris can not only exist, but thrive within it[.]

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