Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Limbaugh: 'Schumer wants to outlaw home ownership'

I don't have a clip. I heard the blowhard's incoherent rant in the car on my way to lunch.

Limbaugh played a snippet of Chuck Schumer's bailout hearing opening remarks, in which the New York Senator lamented how "the lowly mortgage" has brought us to this point, and extrapolated that Schumer wants to outlaw home ownership. Seriously.

And you know what? As crazy as that makes Limbaugh sound, there are at this moment tens of thousands of dittoheads who think that Chuck Schumer wants to outlaw home ownership. It wouldn't occur to them to question something so ridiculous, despite the fact that it is coming from a proven liar, and an untreated drug addict to boot.

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