Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What now, John McCain?

Yesterday, speaking to a campaign audience, John McCain declared that "we are all Georgians," expressing his apparent belief that there is no differnce between the interests of the Republic of Georgia and those of the United States.

Today, the president of Georgia wants to know what that means.

“Yesterday, I heard Sen. McCain say, ‘We are all Georgians now,’” Saakashvili said on CNN’s American Morning. “Well, very nice, you know, very cheering for us to hear that, but OK, it’s time to pass from this. From words to deeds.”


McCain’s foreign policy adviser Randy Scheunemann told reporters on the campaign plane Tuesday that McCain’s remark “obviously meant a lot to Saakashvili personally, but more importantly the message it conveyed to the Georgian people in this really, time of unprecedented national emergency.” Scheunemann said McCain and Saakashvili are friends who have speaking daily throughout the crisis.

But Saakashvili said action is more important than rhetoric in the face of “brutal” and “deliberate” Russian violence. He urged the United States to take the lead in installing an international peacekeeping force.

“We should realize what is at stake here for Americans,” he said. “America is losing the whole region.”

“What Americans should do know, first of all, clearly make known their intentions,” he said.
What now, John McCain? You took it upon yourself to speak for all of America. What now, you crazy old man?

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