Thursday, July 10, 2008

'Things you find at the 99 Cent Store' - Tyrone™ Panties

I'm co-opting Blue Gal's gimmick for one day only, just because this made me laugh out loud.

I didn't know Mischa Barton was the new face for Tyrone panties! I don't even know what Tyrone panties is!

A loverly reader named Zaira was doing her weekly grocery shopping at the 99 Cent Store (I'm joking!) when she came upon Mischa's newest ad campaign. Here's what Zaira wrote:

On my way to work I pass a 99 cents store every day, and I go in often because I’m ghetto and will buy bootleg Windex and brooms. So I’m going through the aisle and I see that this store sells everything, the kitchen sink, your moms, and panties. Below is the picture of the panties they are selling. I’m pretty sure Mischa Barton doesn’t want you to know she’s hawking 99 cent store panties.
For those who don't know, Mischa Barton is famous - to the degree that she is famous - for her role on The O.C., a show that aired on Fox a few years back.

I never watched The O.C. I liked her in Lawn Dogs, though.

And to be fair to Barton, I have to assume that the picture on the package of Tyrone™ undies (assuming it isn't just Photoshop fakery to begin with - gosh, ya think?) was taken sometime between Lawn Dogs and her fame in The O.C.

Gotta be careful what you'll do to earn a couple of bucks between acting gigs.

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