Friday, July 25, 2008

Terror in the Sky - Qantas jet makes emergency landing with hole in fuselage

And by "terror," I mean real, emotional terror.

A Qantas flight destined for Melbourne makes an emergency landing in Manila after losing cabin pressure.

More than 300 passengers were on board the flight from Hong Kong to Melbourne, when they said they heard a loud bang before the plane suddenly plunged thousands of feet in the air.
According to the New York Times, it appears that some loose luggage got sucked out of the plane when the cabin depressurized.

And the U.K. Sun reports that when the oxygen masks dropped down, some passengers became so frightened that they vomited. Who could blame them?

Qantas, which has the world's best safety record among major airlines, hasn't had a fatal crash since it flew bi-planes.

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