Monday, July 07, 2008

Sign reading 'McCain = Bush' gets woman ticketed, threatened with arrest

It is as though somebody asked John McCain to define the word "irony," and instead of telling them, he decided to demonstrate.

A 61 year old librarian named Carol Kreck went to a McCain townhall meeting in Denver carrying a sign that read: McCain = Bush.

A facility staffer informed Ms. Kreck that the Secret Service had barred her from the event if she intended to keep the sign. When she refused to dispose of the sign, police ticketed her for trespassing and escorted her from the premises, telling her that if she returned, she would be arrested.

Ms. Kreck's offense, presumably, was in suggesting that John McCain and George W. Bush are extremely similar to each other.

Of course, it was Bush who became infamous for conducting sanitized "public" events, at which people were denied entry if they wore politically incorrect t-shirts or if they drove to the event with anti-war bumper stickers on their cars.

So in Denver today, Carol Kreck was ticketed and threatened with arrest for carrying a sign that read McCain = Bush. Was the campaign trying to send the message that McCain does not equal Bush?

If so, their technique needs some work.

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