Tuesday, July 29, 2008


We have reached a stage of the 2008 presidential campaign in which there is nothing that Barack Obama can say or do that will not get him accused of being arrogant or presumptuous.

Obama embarks on a wildly successful overseas trip, and the commentary inevitably includes speculation about "backlash" over the impudence of his daring to look presidential on the world stage.

He begins formulating a presidential transition plan, just as every candidate should at this stage of the campaign, and the Village Elders are SHOCKED by the presumptuousness of it all!

And he is overheard characterizing his chances of winning the presidency as "good," while acknowledging that said victory will be difficult, and the only word to describe is... well, guess.

CNN SPOKESMODEL: Senator Obama had some interesting comments of his own last night. With less than a hundred days until the election, he sounded very confident about his chances of winning. Let's take a quick listen.

OBAMA (ON TAPE): We are now in a position where the odds of us winning are very good, but it's still going to be difficult.

CNN SPOKESMODEL: Now, Lionel, still 98 days left until the election. Isn't Obama being a bit presumptuous, here?

LIONEL: Yes! Absolutely! Take it easy! He's scaring me!
The odds of us winning are very good, but it's still going to be difficult.

How DARE he?

Who does this Barack Hussein Obama think he is? It's sill nearly 100 days before the election, and he is leading in every poll. Where does he locate the nerve, the gall, the... the... PRESUMPTUOUSNESS to assess his chances of victory as "very good," but "difficult?" Doesn't he know that John McCain was shot down in Vietnam?

Are these cable news personalities born like this, or do the lobotomies come as part of the benefits package, like gym memberships and breast implants? Just give her a lavalier, a can of hair spray, and a GOP talking point, and she's good to go. Don't expect her to do anything as complicated as wonder if the Word of the Day actually applies to the situation she is describing. The McCain campaign said it does, and that's all she needs to know.

And don't get me started on Lionel, the "liberal" host of his own talk show on Air America. They actually kicked Sam Seder to the curb for this guy. Thank you, XM, for replacing this doofus with The Young Turks and Stephanie Miller.

It's going to be a long three months.

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