Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Feingold on FISA Bill: 'This is a terrible piece of legislation'

Senator Russ Feingold talks about his determination to keep Steny Hoyer's FISA capitulation bill from becoming law [Via Glenn Greenwald].

Key graphs:

"It's got two major problems. One is very well known - the retroactive immunity for telephone companies who may not have actually followed the law, instead just complying potentially with the government in giving up our private information against the statutes. This should be handled in a court of law. We should not just give them immunity. It's a terrible precedent for the rule of law, and very unfair.

But even worse is the fact that this bill gives enormous power to the government to suck up all of our international communications: e-mails, text messages, phone calls to kids overseas, to soldiers, to reporters, to business associates - it's unprecedented - with no court review? It's a huge giveaway.

No senator, and especially no Democrat, should be voting for this legislation."
Hear, hear!

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