Monday, June 09, 2008

McCain resumes pandering on gas tax holiday

I wish somebody would remind U.S. Senator John McCain that as a sitting member of congress, he doesn't have to "call" for a gas tax holiday.

With gas prices reaching a national average of four dollars a gallon — a record high — John McCain is planning to resurrect his call for a national gas tax holiday, which became a staple of his stump speech in late April and early May.

A McCain aide told CNN's Dana Bash on Monday that the Arizona senator planned to plug the gas tax holiday in public statements throughout the day as a message to voters that he understands the plight of working families in a tough economy.

Before a fundraiser in Richmond, Virginia on Monday, McCain mentioned the gas tax holiday in remarks to a smaller event for about 40 high-dollar donors. "That was derided by Sen. Obama and others as a gimmick," McCain said, but added that working people and truckers would appreciate it.
As a sitting member of congress, McCain can actually propose legislation creating a gas tax holiday if he thinks that "working people and truckers" would benefit from one.

In fact, if he really does think it would help, why the heck hasn't he introduced a bill already? Could it be that he doesn't actually care, and is just pandering on an issue he thinks will give him traction in the polls?

Or did he simply forget that one of the perks of being a lawmaker is the ability to, you know, make laws? Come to think of it, that could be it. He has been acting confused lately.

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