Wednesday, June 11, 2008

McCain: Bringing troops home from Iraq 'not too important'

I'm starting to think that John McCain really has no desire to bring our troops home from Iraq. Ever.


First, McCain will deny he said it.

Then, after another fun round of Is McCain Too Senile To Be President, he will try to clarify his remarks by emphasizing the fact that American troops are stationed in places like South Korea, Japan, and Germany, and nobody seems to think it's "too important" to bring them home ASAP.

The difference, it should go without saying, is that our troops in South Korea, Japan, and Germany are not being shot at and blown up every day. And until McCain shows us the magic wand he is going to use to make the violence in Iraq stop, I am not interested in hearing any more of his specious comparisons between that country and countries that are not engaged in civil war.

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