Wednesday, June 04, 2008

'If we act deranged enough, maybe they'll just give us the country'

Terry McAuliffe was on the Daily Show yesterday at about 6 PM, EDT.

Seriously, is the guy a liar or a lunatic?

I hope Clinton appreciates the consequences of continuing to try to weaken Obama for the general election. The best-case scenario is that she becomes a sociopath in the eyes of the American people and the voters in the great state of New York. Nobody wants Nora Desmond representing them in the United States Senate.

But if she and that nutcase McAulliffe keep this up, they could actually end up helping to elect John McCain. That's the worst-case scenario. And maybe that's the point, I don't know. McAuliffe said "concede nothing" when Jon asked him what the strategy was. Maybe she really is focused on running again in 2012 to the exclusion of all else.

But can she be deranged enough to think that if she succeeds in destroying her own party's nominee this year, that she will have a chance of getting the nomination four years from now?

The Democratic Party is not going to sit by idly while Hillary Clinton works to give the presidency to the Republicans. Is it possible that she doesn't know this? It is possible that she doesn't know she is destroying herself?

I know that Hitler analogies are verboten in American politics, but watch this clip of a failed ruler holed up in a bunker and tell me it doesn't ring true.

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