Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Republican seat in Mississippi falls to the Democrats

Three deeply Republican districts, three special elections, three Democratic victories.

After losing former Speaker of the House Denny Hastert's House seat in Illinois, and former GOP House veteran Richard Baker's seat in Louisiana, the Republicans lost another "safe" seat tonight, this one in Mississippi.

Democrat Travis Childers has won a north Mississippi congressional race, claiming a seat the Republicans have held since 1994.

Childers defeated Republican Greg Davis today (Tuesday) in a special election runoff.

He will fill the last several months of a 2-year term the GOP's Roger Wicker started in January 2007.

Republican Gov. Haley Barbour appointed Wicker to the U.S. Senate in December after Trent Lott retired.

Childers' victory marks the second time this month for a conservative Democrat to win a Deep South congressional seat that had been held by a Republican.
As in the Louisiana race between Democrat Don Cazayoux and Republican Woody Jenkins, the GOP tried to beat Childers by tying him to Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi. They failed.

The Republicans have to be on the verge of suicide tonight. Flipping three reliably Republican districts just does not happen. This is evidence of serious problems for the Republican Party. They are finally reaping the consequences of their absolute failure to govern during their time in the majority. It is going to get worse before it ever gets better.

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