Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Major Clinton backer says 'Obama's the candidate'

The New York Observer reports that Sarah Kovner, a longtime ally of Harold Ickes, and a supporter of Hillary Clinton, attended a fundraiser for Barack Obama Monday night.

Kovner said she had not yet made a contribution to the Obama campaign, but she added, "I certainly will, as will everyone I know."

Kovner, who said she had mostly focused her energies on Senate and Congressional races this year, is not ambiguous about her reasons for supporting Obama.

"Obama's the candidate," she said. "I'm a Democrat and I have been a Democrat for a long time and I want to win in November and I don't want to continue a fight that isn't a fight anymore.
A fight that isn't a fight anymore.

That sums up the 2008 Democratic primary season about as well as anything.

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