Friday, May 09, 2008

'I just voted for him on Tuesday'

Well, unless he is levelling a crude insult toward Hillary Clinton, John Edwards just said he plans to endorse either Barack Obama or Mike Gravel.

Hmmm... I wonder which one...?


Seems to be leaning toward Obama.

Democrat Barack Obama earned more support from party leaders and won praise from former rival John Edwards on Friday as he gathered momentum in his drive to the U.S. presidential nomination.

Edwards, who dropped his presidential bid in January, said Obama could unite the Democratic Party after a bruising nominating battle with New York Sen. Hillary Clinton and beat Republican John McCain in November's election.

"What he brings to the table is the capacity, number one, to unite the Democratic Party," Edwards, a former North Carolina senator, told NBC's "Today" show.

"Number two, to bring in new voters, to bring in people who haven't been involved in the process over a long time and to get people excited about this change."
I don't want to jump on the Gravel Must Drop Out bandwagon, though - at least not until Puerto Rico gets to vote, and we figure out what to do about Florida and Michigan. Big Mike could still make it happen. It's still early.

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